How apps are born: Part 4 of 4

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Video Transcript

The final part of the Ideation Stage is called “Ideation sign-off”.

So far we’ve unpacked:

• The intended purpose of the app

• Understanding the different user journeys involved

• How the app adds value to each of its users

• And… the two documents

Once our clients are happy with the mapped-out user flows and various functions of their app, it is time to move into the “Wireframe Stage.” Any changes made to the features and functions after Ideation sign-off are considered “Scope change requests”.

Scope change requests are common in any project so as developers we need to be flexible to accommodate these changes as efficiently as possible so we can adapt and move forward.

What Ideation Sign-Off means: an overall map of features and functions is fully understood by our clients, which makes it easier to be understood by the designers and developers of the app in the next phase which is the “Wireframe Stage.”