How apps are born: Part 3 of 4

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Video Transcript

The IDEAtion stage of development is extremely necessary for mapping out the entire flow of the digital solution and refining the business concept.

So far in our “How apps are born” series, we have introduced what the ideation stage is, why it’s important and the first document required which is the Client Requirement Specifications.

There is also a 2nd document for the client and business analyst to complete which is called the “Functional Requirements Document.”

This is where all the app’s functions and user journeys are outlined, analyzed, and adjusted. Sometimes this is done on paper with colourful pens… and then captured into a digital flow chart. Other times it is done directly on a digital flowchart program.

It is important to solidify the flow of the app before the app is created in a graphical presentation (which is called a wireframe). This is because it’s much easier to make changes to hand-drawn sketches or simple digital flow charts than it is to make changes to the graphical wireframes.

The client requirement speciations doc and the functional requirements doc are necessary for creating a solid foundation for any digital solution.