The forces behind the moving parts

Mission, Vision and Values, the foundation on which our systems are built.

What is methodology?

Let’s understand this term together

For businesses, methodology refers to how we structure and formulate our tasks to build our clients’ products. It defines how we engage with clients and approach a project. 


To build and develop high-quality software, programs, plugins, integrations, apps, and systems in the most efficient way possible.


Growing App Inlet to be the lighthouse in the sea of technology. Giving you an anchor point and a beacon to follow on your journey of discovery.


We pride ourselves on being an ethical company. Developing systems to not only improve people’s lives but our world at large is our ever-striving goal.

At App Inlet, we follow an agile methodology model with Our Workflow. This means that we can quickly adapt to changing environments and feedback from clients. A large part of our methodology is the process of Scrum, which puts actionable tasks that will contribute to creating excellent products for our clients at the front of the process. Our methodology also encompasses what we aim to do with every product we create. Every task and project must be structured in a way that reflects App Inlet’s mission, vision, and values.