A Set of rules


Our mission, vision and values that forms the foundation

What is Methodology?

Let’s understand this term together

Methodologies demonstrate a well-thought-out, defined, repeatable approach. Sticking to a preset method provides a lot of support to the validity of how we do something and the results we get, which is essential to our clients.


What we stand for

Turning an idea into a reality.

A team of tech geeks who are powered by creative mindsets and equipped with technology to solve the problems of the business world.


The plan ahead

Integrating businesses with technology. 

Growing App Inlet to be the lighthouse in the sea of technology. Giving you an anchor point and a beacon to follow on your journey of discovery.


What we hold dear

Integrity. Passion. Ethical.

We pride ourselves on being an ethical company. Developing systems that not only improve people’s lives but our world at large is our ever-striving goal.

Our Approach

App Inlet follows an agile methodology model outlined in the Our Workflow and Scrum pages. We endeavour to structure tasks and projects to reflect App Inlet’s mission, vision, and values. In addition, App Inlet creates products using the Minimum Viable Product approach. This means that we can quickly adapt our products to changing environments and client feedback. View the difference between a standard product and an MVP below.

Waterfall Method

The Waterfall Method is a linear approach to product development. Where a sequence of work is followed till the completion of the product, this approach has merit in that your product has a very clear start and end goal. However, developing is typically more expensive and slower to get to market.

Agile Process

The Agile approach is an iterative process which works closely with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) methodology. Where you work in a collaborative space with build and feedback cycles. The goal of an MVP is to test and validate assumptions about a product’s requirements with the ability to pivot.

Ready to Set Sail?

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