SCRUM and the app development process: Part 1 of 4

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Video Transcript

Have you ever heard of the term Scrum? I bet you’re thinking of a rugby field with men huddled together, scrambling for a ball, right?

Well, SCRUM is also an agile, effective and efficient way of developing and sustaining complex software products which App Inlet has adopted.

The old school way of development is called the Waterfall Model, which is used to organize and deliver software in consecutive phases.

  • Analysis phase: An analyst gathers the requirements.
  • Design phase (also known as the wireframe stage): This is when code and other artifacts are planned and modeled.
  • Implementation phase: The designs are used to build the product.
  • Testing phase: Testers ensure that the product meets a high degree of quality.
  • Finally, the product is released to the public.

Thereafter, there is ongoing support and maintenance in a live environment. SCRUM consists of self-managing, cross-functional teams, which means that the teams consist of a group of people, who each have different areas of expertise, but work together for the same outcome.

The teams work in iterations, giving the business the flexibility to change their requirements while providing the development team with the necessary time to deliver a working piece of the product.

SCRUM allows clients to give their input during the course of production rather than having a backlog of adjustments to amend at the end of the process, right when we think we’re done, which the Waterfall Model fails to provide.