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Why am I getting a ‘critical error’ when adding products to my cart?

Please ensure that your plugin has dimensions and weights listed to the products.

Why am I receiving duplicate waybills?

The API keys must be reset and reconfigured on your settings and in The Courier Guy Portal.

Why are my Shopify orders not automatically being submitted to TCG?

You need to verify your Shopify plan. Automatic submission is only available on the advanced Shopify Plan. Primary plan users must submit orders to TCG via the “more actions” drop-down on the orders page.

Why am I receiving a “No shipping methods available” error message?

The Courier Guy shipping zone must be moved to the top of other zones.


    • Check the services you excluded; ensure you did not exclude all services.
    • You must have at least two National Rates (ECO, ECOR) and 1 Local Service (LOX).
How should my store address be entered on the backend?

You need to ensure the store address is captured on the backend as it appears on Google Maps, or error messages will be shown when calculating shipping costs.  Check out our YouTube below and this will show you how your address must appear.

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