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Are my plugins up to date with their latest versions?

You can refer to the GitHub site to see if you are up to date with the latest versions released.





Network International:

The Courier Guy:




Which plugin versions are no longer supported?

We advise that the latest plugins are used. Please check the links below to ensure you are on the latest version. 





Network International:

The Courier Guy:

Which platform versions are no longer supported?


2.3 and older versions


7. x and older versions


What requirements are needed to book a bug? (API Plugin Issue Requirements)

Merchant Name: 

  • Site URL:
  • Browser:
  • Description of the issue:
  • Steps to Replicate( We need a minimum of 2 steps):
  • Page URL of the issue:
  • Upload Screenshots and Video Recordings:
  • Platform  Type(WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento):
  • Platform Versions:
  • Plugin Versions:
  • Device (Desktop or Mobile):
  • Staging Site Admin Details (Admin URL, Username, Password):
  • FTP/SFTP Details (Host URL, IP Address, Username, Password, Port):

Report a Website Bug


Why do we require your staging site details?

We require staging site details because it is against our company policy to debug on live sites due to several issues that may occur. We advise you to create a staging environment that replicates your production site in order to debug or install and test new features.

Why do we require FTP/SFTP details?

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) is a network protocol that ensures the secure transfer, access and management of large files and sensitive data. This is a security measure put in place to protect your files. We require this access to debug and resolve the issue you are experiencing securely. 

Do you need a staging site, and why do you need a staging site?

A staging site is not compulsory but would benefit a business if you want to test your system or website before using the live site. Many e-Commerce stores use different APIs, and there are instances where some need to work better together. By not having a staging environment, you will not be able to test additional features on your site, and it would cause a problem for your end user/client.

Benefits of staging environments:

  • Conduct tests in isolation
  • Make use of the same features/APIs as the production
  • Continuously updating
  • Eliminate Bugs before deploying to the live environment.
How can I create a staging site?
  • WooCommerce:
  • Shopify: This does not require a staging site; collab access must be granted.
Have I installed my plugin correctly?

Refer to “Read Me” on GitHub to ensure you have followed the correct steps

  • Navigate to ‘Repositories’ on GitHub to find your plugin.
  • Once you have found your plugin, be sure to check it against the latest version that has been released and that you are on this latest version.
  • An example below: 

  • If you are up to date with the latest version, please ensure you have followed the correct steps featured on ‘Read Me’ on GitHub. Following the steps that have been mentioned in this text will guide you in installing your plugin correctly:

I need help with integrating my chosen platform with Payfast.

Please refer to ‘Read Me’ found on GitHub. Here you will find your latest platform version and plugin versions in ‘Repositories.’ Please check and ensure that your versions are up to date with the latest versions that have been released. 

  • Navigate to
  • Find ‘Respositories’
  • Here you will find your platform or plugin information. Once you have checked against the latest versions, find ‘Read Me’ and follow the steps on “Read Me” to ensure successful integration. 

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