SCRUM and the app development process: Part 3 of 4

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Video Transcript

Welcome to part 3 of how we develop apps. We are going to explain some “SCRUM” terminology involving “SPRINTS”.

Sprints are not just things that happen when you move your legs really fast, they are also what happens when SCRUM teams move their fingers really fast.

The App Inlet’s SCRUM teamwork in sprints of two weeks to complete a set amount of work.

  • Sprint Planning: Defines what must be delivered in the sprint, how it will be achieved, and who it will be assigned to.
  • Sprint Backlog: Consists of all the upcoming projects which need to be planned by the team.
  • Sprint Reviews: The client is shown the achieved work of the entire team; designers, developers, and the product owner.
  • Sprint Retrospective: The SCRUM team meets to reflect on the work done in the sprint so they can improve and make changes before they begin the next sprint.

Thereafter, the whole process starts again for the next sprint.

This system of development ensures that developers are consistently improving and communicating the different areas of improvement before, during, and after the release of the product, making sure that the client is always aware of what is going on and is happy with their product.