Market in the Midlands

by | Sep 1, 2019 | Promo Video | 0 comments

Have seen this Market in the Midlands?

The dream team behind Market In The Midlands are Cathryn Kassier and Naomi Bear. They’re crazy excited about all things waste-free and supporting local. They’ve had a dream to inspire and encourage others in their waste-free journeys. Market In The Midlands is a space to bring together the best waste-free artisans and crafters out there. This also makes it easier for others to start their waste-free journey.

Sustainability is a vital part of not just surviving for future generations, but for thriving on this one and only beautiful planet. The things they aim to bring together in their markets are sustainability inspired products, products made with ethically sourced materials, waste-free everyday items, up-cycled products reducing the waste going to landfills, and nature-based products that are good for health and the earth.

Come through for an evening of inspiration, talent, and making the planet a happier place. You can visit the official Facebook page for more information on upcoming events. Alternatively, swing past Highgate Wine Estate, R103 Dargle, Lions River, KZN, South Africa, 3265 for more information.

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