How To Setup PayGate PayWeb for OpenCart

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Setting up your PayGate PayWeb for OpenCart has never been easier. This 3:54 min video is all you need to launch your OpenCart online sales system!


To get started, download the latest version of the plugin from the PayGate PayWeb for OpenCart GitHub releases repository. When it’s downloaded save the file in a safe place on your computer. A recommended place is somewhere that’s easily accessible and easy to find such as your desktop, or with nested in a folder in the Downloads file.

PayGate PayWeb for OpenCart

Installation Instructions

Step 1

  • Extract the contents of above mentioned .zip file to your preferred location on your computer. That can be done using unzipping applications such as WinZip and many others, but for a complete list of suitable applications and programs. Search the Internet for “unzipping application”. Open the newly unzipped folder. You’ll find two files in there, one is a zip and the other is a PDF open. This process should create a “paygate-opencartv3-0-2-x-pw3” folder at the location you chose to extract to.

Step 2

  • Upload the above-mentioned folder to your OpenCart 3 root directory (where the admin/ and catalog/ folders are), ensuring you supplement the files and folders already in place instead of replacing them. Using a FTP clients such as FileZilla and many others this can be done. For a complete list of suitable applications and programs, simply search the Internet for “FTP client”.

Step 3

  • Login to your OpenCart 3 admin area and navigate to Extensions on the left menu and click on Payments.
  • Once there, you’ll notice your PayGate PayWeb3 plugin for OpenCart 3 is available in the list.
  • Simply click the Install button.

Step 4

  • Now click the Edit button and input your PayGate ID and encryption key supplied by PayGate and update Status to Enabled. Configure your desired order statuses on the ‘Order status’ tab.
  • Finally, click the Save button near the top.


You have configured your payment gateway and can launch your PayGate PayWeb for Opencart sales system!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more please contact us.