How to speak Geek: Part 4 of 4

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Video Transcript

Geeks can be rather confusing when they say things like, “We own our digital assets but we provide you with a license to use them.”

So what exactly are digital assets and why can’t our clients own them?

Here’s an example:
You know that little link that appears on most apps login screens that say “forgot your password?”… well that reset password function is not unique to our client’s app and therefore they cannot own it.

We use that function in most apps, so we as developers own that “digital asset” and we provide our clients with the right to use it in their app… no matter how custom their app is… there are always going to be some digital assets that are common amongst other apps.

Other examples of digital assets include: app icons, fonts, buttons, and any reusable controls… for instance the “open phone camera” control or the “share my location” control.

To sum it up… what’s ours is ours and what’s yours is yours. Our digital assets are ours and your business concept is yours.