How to speak Geek: Part 3 of 4

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Video Transcript

Now that the basics of sprints, backlogs, and story points have been covered, let’s dive into some more sensitive geek terms that involve understanding “who owns what.”

Occasionally clients have expressed concern about the ownership of their app idea which is what we call “business concept ownership.”

Our legal team has put together comprehensive agreements which serve to protect our clients and ourselves from any issues revolving around ownership.

We assure clients with sentences like, “you own your business concept and we own our digital assets” This is sometimes met with slow blinks… hmmm?

Well, owning your business concept means that your idea, your business logic, your avenues of revenue, and how you plan to add value to your users belong entirely to you. We cannot put your idea, or logic, to use in any other project.

In our next episode, we will explain what we mean by “we own our digital assets.”