Adding a variable product – 4 of 11

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Learn how to create a product with variations that can be selected, such as different sizes, colours, weights, flavours or fragrances, as well as how different prices and descriptions can be added to variations.


Video Transcript

1) In your Dashboard, hover over the products option and click on the add new button in the bar that appears next to it

2) You will be directed to a product page where you can give your product a name and make sure the product type under ‘product data’ is set to variable product

3) To add a variation to your product like size, colour or flavour, click on the attribute option

4) When the attribute page opens up, select ‘custom product attribute’ then click add

5) You can now add your product attributes, for example, size or colour and add the various sizes or colours you want to be included

6) Next, make sure you check the ‘visible on product page’ and ‘used for variations’ boxes

7) Finally, click the save attributes button

8) Your attribute will now be saved. To add more, simply repeat the step by clicking on the add button next to the ‘custom product attribute’ option

9) To turn attributes into variations of your product, click on the variations button/ tab

10) Then, click on the ‘add variations’ drop down and select ‘create variations from all attributes’, then click go. Two pop-ups will appear at the top of your screen. Click ok on both. Your product variations will now appear, and you can begin editing them separately

11) Click on the variation you want to edit. You can now add a new image, SKU, price and a sale price

12) You can also edit the stock status, weight, dimensions and the shipping class of your variation.

13) Lastly, giver your variation a short description

14) Once you are done editing your product variables, click on the save changes button

15) Finish editing your main product by adding an overall description, image and tags

16) Once you are satisfied with your product, click publish

17) To view your newly added product, hover over the name of your store at the top of the screen and click ‘visit site’

18) Once you are on your site, you will find your product in the category you chose for it. Once you open it, you will find its attributes in a detailed view of the product

19) To view one of your variables of the product, click on the attribute and select the variable you wish to view. You have successfully created a variable product