The process of App Creation

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App creation is the act or process by which mobile apps are developed for mobile devices. These applications can be pre-installed on phones and computers during manufacturing platforms or delivered as web applications using server-side to provide an “application-like” experience within a Web browser. 

1. The initial client meeting

Meeting a client for the first time is a bit like goin on a blind date. You want to represent yourself and your company in the best light, while also getting a read from the client to see if this will be a good fit as you’ll be developing a close working relationship over the next few months. This initial meeting is the ‘teaser’ for you and the client to see what will be expected. Before they put pen to paper, they are going to want to see that you and your company are experienced, professional, organized and going to be highly attuned to their needs.

2. App concept sketching with clients

As we are dealing with the mobile user experience, design is mandatory; fortunately, we have many tools at our disposal. Prototyping tools such as Adobe XD and other tools enable us to build wireframes, which in turn allows us to design and create an immersive experience for the client in a rapid turn around time. 

We suggest starting with an outline sketch to understand the problem and come up with a concept before firing up the wireframe frameworks. Sketching enables us to see or explore the problem space and find more solutions at the same time, which also helps us to understand where there may be gaps in the system; we can co-lab with the client to create solutions. Sketching is essentially a brainstorming exercise.

3. Building the wireframes

A wireframe in essence helps our programmers and our designers to think and communicate about the app being built. Wireframing is a critical step on the route to turning the idea into reality. It is during this phase that everyone can see how the faculty is going to work and make any necessary changes to design and flow before it moves over to the developers.

4. Client wireframe review and sign off

Having a client review and sign-off on the concept is the ultimate goal of the wireframe; the wireframe allowing the app functionality to be more easily demonstrated. The client can confirm the design by doing the review, and this is the best time to see and correct any errors. You can make the changes to the wireframe and review it until everything is as it should be. With client sign-off on functionality, you can proceed to prepare its visual appearance.

5. Submission to the development team

The wireframes and the project charter will be submitted to the developers as a branded app under the developer account. From there, the hard work begins; actually building the app.

The developers have to ensure that the code is stable, functional, dynamic, and staying true to the design and logic presented in the wireframes.  

The Google Play and the App Store are the most significant source for Android and IOS users to download apps, and having your app featured prominently on it ensures more views which leads to more downloads. 

Now that the entire checklist is looking good and the app is ready to be released, we go back to “App releases”. And within a few hours, the app should be published on the stores, ready for downloading.

7. Store approval

Mobile apps submitted for review (app store approval) before publishing should be aligned with the Apple and Google interface. Mobile apps need an interface that reveals the quality of our app and satisfies user demands. Apple interface frequently updates its terms and conditions to keep its store nice and clean! 

8. Ongoing App support and maintenance

App Inlet is pleased to provide ongoing app support and maintenance to ensure that all frameworks stay up to date. As the App Inlet team, we provide our clients with security monitoring and patching, application uptime monitoring, hardware utilization monitoring, and ongoing app upgrades.

We also offer flexible cloud hosting services to keep your app up to date and running smoothly.