Setup PayGate PayWeb for VirtueMart

by | Sep 11, 2018 | Tutorials | 0 comments

Setting up your PayGate PayWeb Plugin for VirtueMart has never been easier.
This 6:38min video is all you need to launch your VirtueMart online sales system!


This video will take you through every step, from start to finish.  Extracting the files, uploading the plugin, as well as activating it.

It will also take you through the basics of setting up the plugin to work with your PayGate ID. As well as enabling/disabling test mode.

Welcome to the pay gate pay web VirtueMart plugin instruction video. You’re going to need to head over to GitHub PayGate. Jump on to the pay wave VirtueMart repository and go to the releases page PayGate PayWeb plugin for VirtueMart. You may have also received a link and that’s fine. Next, you’re going to want to download VirtueMart 3.2 point 12 pay gate PayWeb plugin 1.0 point. Your version number may be a little bit different maybe newer that’s fine. At the time of recording, this was the latest version.

You’re going to want to copy that to a convenient location on your computer. In this case, I’ve copied it to my desktop and I’m going to unzip the file if your operating system does not have a zip application that’s also fine. You can just search on Google and you’ll find one easily. So inside this folder, you’re going to see VirtueMart order-pay button and pay gate VirtueMart share in both of these folders. You’re going to find a PDF instruction manual and your plugin so let’s start with the PDF instructions for the main plugin. The order button ties into the main plugin we’ll get to that.

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