Oasis Preparatory School

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Have you heard about Oasis Preparatory School?

Oasis Preparatory School offers small class sizes with a focus on individual learning styles, tuition in international curriculum’s, a wide range of sporting & cultural extra-mural activities, mentorship classes aimed at fostering spiritual & emotional growth, aftercare service, outreach opportunities, and a team of qualified & experienced teachers to help every student reach their full potential.

Oasis Prep Mission

Our mission is ‘transformation through education.’ We exist to see individuals, families & communities transformed through values-based education.

Oasis Prep Vision

Our vision is to see students LIVING in God’s plan for their lives, LOVING God and people, LEARNING every step of the way to be LEADERS that impact their world.

Oasis Prep Culture

EXTRAORDINARY – Living live beyond ordinary, governed by heavens reality.
FAITH – Seeing from God’s perspective and learning to partner with God in living out his purpose.
FAMILY – Community heart where everyone is included, safe and valued.
UNIQUE – Recognizing and nurturing individual strengths for the benefit of others.
LOVE – Knowing the Love of God and giving this love to others in a way that changes lives.
GENEROSITY – Looking to the needs of others beyond self with lavish joy &kindness.
EXCELLENCE– giving my best and ensuring quality, integrity and personal commitment in all I do.

To find out more about Oasis Preparatory School visit our website here.