How To Setup SiD Secure EFT for WooCommerce

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Setting up a Secure EFT for WooCommerce has never been easier. This 3:42min video is all you need to set up Sid in your WooCommerce system!

Video Transcript

Welcome to the set instant EFT WooCommerce instruction video. Here we’re going to download and install the Sid plugin for WooCommerce. and add the link to the GitHub repository.

Firstly you’re going to want to go to the official set instant EFT git repo, then you’re going to scroll down and a Vagator the releases page. Next, you’re going to download the latest version of the plugin, which is 1.0 point O at the time of recording. Here I’ve extracted the zip and I’ve opened up the folder and inside of the folder, I’ve got my instructions and I’ve got the plugins. If I open up the instructions, I’ll be able to see the steps that are required. We’re going to run through these steps together, but focusing on the automatic installation instructions.

SID Secure EFT for WooCommerce Setup Instructions

Step 1

WordPress login

  • Log in to the WordPress admin panel.

Step 2

Add New Upload Plugin

  • Click the Choose file button.
  • Select on the Sid WooCommerce plug-in file.
  • Then, click Open if you’re on a Mac, and we’re going to say Install Now.

Step 3

Activating the Plugin

  • Then, click Activate the plugin button, the plugin is activated.
  • Now, we’re going to follow on with the next steps, steps four and five below.

Step 4

Setting SID Secure EFT

  • The plugin is already activated in section A and B.
  • Section C, click to the Settings link under the WooCommerce menu item.
  • Then, click to the Payments tab.
  • Click to the SID Secure EFT link below the tabs.
  • please be aware that you do need your store to have the South African Rand as a primary currency to use certain SID Secure EFT plugin.
  • Then, update SID Secure EFT account details and press the Save Changes button under WooCommerce settings.
  • Search security of team click manage and
  • Enter SID Secure EFT account details and get SID Secured EFT merchant code from set your username and your password and then your private key and click Save Changes.

Step 5

Payment Method

  • Login to the SID Merchant Portal, by this link over here
  • Enter the login details, go to account settings, now go to Buyer Return URL.
  • Enter the URL and click to the yes, redirect the buyer back to my website on to payment, and put the site URL.
  • Click to the Request button then, do the same thing for the Merchant notification URL.

That’s it so, it should now be available as a Payment Method on the checkout page.


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