How To Setup PayGate PayWeb for Ecwid

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Update: Click here for the latest video

Setting up your PayGate PayWeb for Ecwid plugin has never been easier. This 3:27min video is all you need to launch your ECWID online sales system!


Welcome to the Setup PayGate PayWeb for ECWID instruction video.

You’re going to want to head over to GitHub PayGate PayWeb Ecwid.

Head over to the releases page. Once you are there, hit the ECWID PayGate PayWeb plugin setup instruction PDF and you’re going to save that to a convenient location, I’ve saved it to the desktop. I’m going to open it up.

The first step is to open a PayGate account; if you’re watching this video you’ve probably done this already. Go through steps one two and three to register, get started, and wait for an agent to contact you. You can now fill in your various details via form during the registration process. Afterwards, you’ll be supplied with a PayGate Merchant ID and key. So presuming those steps are complete, let’s go into the configuration stage.

ECWID PayGate PayWeb plugin Setup Instruction

Step 1

Setting ECWID in your Control Panel
  • To setup PayGate in your ECWID control panel.
  • Go to ECWID Control panel > Configuration > Payment.
  • Under Add new payment methods > Other ways to get paid click Choose Payment Processor.

Step 2

Setting up for Other Countries
  • Open up under For Other Countries select Credit Card: Authorize.Net SIM.

Step 3

Encryption Key
  • Click Actions > Account Settings and fill in your PayGate credentials.
    For the API Login ID, we’re going to enter the PayGate ID that we got from PayGate. We’re then going to use ‘pg-ecwid’ as the Transaction Key. Use the Encryption Key that you would have received from PayGate as the ‘MD5 Hash Key’. I’m just entering the default test ID details to do test transaction. For the Transaction Type, select ‘Authorising Capture’. Finally, click on Advanced Settings. A block will open so that you can update the Endpoint URL.
  • Please ensure the Encryption Key (the MD5 Hash Value) received from PayGate is 20 characters or less. Should the encryption key received be more than 20 characters, please contact [email protected].

Step 4

Endpoint URL

We’re going to copy this endpoint URL as we are about to use it, but when you click Advanced Settings, you’re going to need to enter the Endpoint URL as per the instructions in the PDF.

  • Enter as the Endpoint URL.

Step 5

Authorized Payment Options
  • Ensure all your PayGate details are correct and click Save to confirm your Authorize.Net Sim Payment option.
    As you can see, the PayGate payment method is now available on checkout. You have configured ECWID correctly.


You have now successfully configured the PayGate PayWeb for ECWID. Well done!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more please contact us.