How To Setup DPO PayGate PaySubs (VCS) for WooCommerce

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Setting up your PayGate PaySubs (VCS) plugin for WooCommerce has never been easier. This 8:35min “PayGate PaySubs WooCommerce plugin instructions video” is all you need to launch your WooCommerce online sales system!

Video Transcript

Welcome to the PayGate PaySubs WooCommerce plugin instructions video, How To Setup DPO PayGate PaySubs (VCS) for WooCommerce. We hope you find that setting up your PayGate PayWeb plugin for WooCommerce will never be easier as you launch your WooCommerce online sales.

Let’s Get Started

First off, head over to the GitHub PayGate PaySubs WooCommerce release page. You’re going to need to download the latest version, in this case, WooCommerce 3.4.3 PayGate PaySubs plugin 1.0.0 (your version number will probably be different). Save the zip to your local computer in a convenient location (I put it on my desktop). On Mac, you can unzip it straight away, as you can on windows 10, but on some other operating systems, you may need to download an unzipping application.

I’m going to extract this quickly and then open up the directory. In here, you’re going to find your PDF with your instructions, and you’re going to see the plugin. Let’s run through the steps.

We’re going to focus on the automatic installation instructions. The manual installation instructions, although valid, are an older method and not relevant to the current workflow. Most plugins don’t use this, but you can follow these instructions if you so desire.

Let’s focus on the auto-install process to launch your WooCommerce online sales.

How to Setup DPO PayGate PaySubs (VCS) for WooCommerce

Manual Installation Process:

Step 1

  • Extract the contents of the zip as mentioned above to your preferred location on your computer. This can be done using unzipping applications such as WinZip and many others. For a complete list of suitable applications and programs, search the Internet for “unzipping application“. By applying this process, you should create several files and folders at the location you chose to extract them to.

Automatic Installation Process:

Step 1

  • Perform only Step 1 below.
  • Log in to your WordPress Admin panel.
  • Go to: Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin.
  • Click: Choose File and find in the unzipped folder.
    Make sure that you’re inside the same directory that has the zip and the PDF. Make sure you don’t select the parent zip, which was the one that you had downloaded initially.
  • Select: Install Now.
  • Fianlly, click: Activate Plugin.
    Great, it’s installed! We can now try step four.
  • Perform Step 4.
    I’ll briefly read through steps two and three and explain anything of interest there, and then we will proceed to demonstrate step four. Remember, step two and three are the manual fallback instructions.

Step 2

  • Upload woocommerce-gateway-paysubs folder to your WordPress plugin directory ({wordpress}/wp-content/ plugins/).
    In this case, make sure that you extract this zip, and if you extract it, you’re going to see there’s a folder and a bunch of stuff inside it folder. You’re going to need to place that in your plugins directory as per the directory root. Make sure that you supplement the files and folders already in place instead of replacing them. In other words, don’t delete wp-content->plugins, you’re just going to want to put them straight in there. The manual process can be done using FTP clients such as FileZilla and many others, but for a complete list of suitable applications and programs, search the Internet for “FTP client”. We highly recommend FileZilla, as it’s the FTP client we use all the time and is one of the industry standards.

Step 3

  • Login to your WordPress admin area and navigate to the Plugins page.
  • Once there, you’ll notice your PayGate PaySubs WooCommerce plugin is available.
  • Simply click the Activate link below your plugin’s title.
    As we’ve already activated the plugin as part of the automatic installation, you don’t need to do that here.

Step 4

  • Now navigate to the WooCommerce – Settings page.
  • Once there, select the Payments tab where you’ll notice PayGate is available within the links found at the top of that page.
    We’re going to click “PayGate via PaySubs” to see the enable/disable button, title and gateway description.
  • To enable PayGate as a payment method, simply click that PayGate link and tick the Enable PayGate checkbox.
  • In order to configure your plugin further, enter your preferred data into each field and click the Save Changes button found below.
    Make sure that you enter a valid terminal ID. If your gateway uses the md5 hash, make sure to enable it (this will be supplied by the PayGate support team). 

Recurring Enabling

If you want to make use of PaySubs, you’ll need to enable the recurring option which allows you to accept recurring payments. When enabled, you’ll need to select how often you want this to be (monthly, weekly, daily). All payments made by this gateway will then have an amount recurring at the same frequency.

Recurring Disabled

If you are an old VCS client and wish to accept once-off payments, you’re going to want to leave your Enable Recurring deselected.


You have configured your payment gateway correctly and can launch your WooCommerce online sales system!

If you have any questions or would like to find out more please contact us.