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by | Jul 3, 2024 | Mandela Day

Every year on July 18th, South Africans unite in a spirit of service to honour Nelson Mandela’s legacy. Mandela Day projects are a powerful reminder small acts of kindness can have a ripple effect, creating positive change in communities. This year’s theme, “#ItIsInYourHands” emphasizes individual agency and our collective power as a community and a nation to make a difference.

Across the nation, countless organizations and individuals channel their energy into impactful projects that address various social needs. Let’s explore a few inspiring examples:

Cultivating Young Minds

Mandela Day projects are a fantastic opportunity to invest in the future by focusing on early childhood development (ECD). Here’s how you can contribute to “Cultivating Young Minds” this Mandela Day:

Volunteer at ECD Centers

You can make a big difference by volunteering at an ECD centre to help create a warm and stimulating learning environment for young children.  This could involve giving classrooms a makeover by painting walls, creating educational murals, organizing toys, bookshelves, or fixing furniture issues. You can also share the joy of reading by engaging children in storytime, fostering literacy skills, imagination, and a love for learning. Additionally, leading interactive games and activities that promote social, emotional, and cognitive development is a great way to contribute. If you have time and a passion for mentoring, consider becoming a mentor to a young child, providing them with individual attention and support. This could involve reading one-on-one, helping with homework (for older children), or simply playing games and talking to them. The Do More Foundation will be bringing together a number of organisations and volunteers this year to assist children at EDC centres for this year’s Mandela Day. 

Support ECD Initiatives

Can’t volunteer? You can donate books, puzzles, or art supplies to make a difference Contacting local ECD centres beforehand to understand their specific needs ensures your donation is exactly what they require. You can also organize a fundraising event within your community, such as a bake sale or a car wash, with the collected funds used to purchase essential educational resources. Spreading awareness about the importance of ECD among friends, family, and colleagues can encourage broader support. Advocating for increased government funding or encouraging businesses to sponsor local centres creates a sustainable foundation for these crucial programs.

Food Security

Building Food Security 

Food security, the ability for everyone to access safe and nutritious food, remains a critical challenge in many South African communities. Mandela Day presents a powerful opportunity to contribute to solutions and empower communities to not only get food for today but also learn how to nourish themselves and their families.

Join forces with food rescue organisations like Food Forward SA. These organisations work tirelessly to rescue surplus food from farms, supermarkets, and wholesalers that would otherwise go to waste. As a gleaner, you’ll help collect fresh produce that would be discarded. This harvested food is redistributed to soup kitchens, community centres, and vulnerable families, ensuring access to meals that are unavailable.

You can also lend your support by weeding, planting, harvesting, or assisting with garden maintenance. If your community lacks a garden,  Mandela Day projects can be the spark to ignite change. Gather volunteers, research suitable locations, and connect with your municipality to explore land options and permits. Dedicate the day to prepping the land, building garden beds, and planting the first seeds. Remember, a successful garden requires ongoing effort. Develop a long-term management plan to ensure its sustainability.

Mandela Day can also be a platform for education and awareness. Organize seed donations and conduct workshops on seed selection, planting techniques, and basic gardening practices. Empowering communities to grow their own food fosters self-sufficiency and a sense of ownership over their food security.

The fight against hunger extends beyond immediate action. Mandela Day projects can be a launchpad for broader change. Organize workshops to raise awareness about food waste and encourage responsible consumption habits through proper food storage and meal planning techniques. Additionally, consider advocating for policies that support small-scale farmers, promote fair food pricing, and address the root causes of provision over poverty and hunger.


Livable Cities

Creating Livable Cities 

This is a powerful opportunity to focus on creating cleaner, greener, and more inclusive cities for all residents. Spend 90 minutes of your day dedicated to transforming your city into a more vibrant and welcoming space. Organize a neighbourhood clean-up project to tackle litter and debris in parks, streets, or public spaces. Collecting and disposing of waste properly not only improves the aesthetics of your environment but also promotes public health. Partner with your local municipality for support with waste removal after the clean-up.

Mandela Day can also be a day to explore the potential of urban agriculture. Partner with local authorities to identify suitable spaces for community gardens or vertical gardens on building walls. These gardens not only provide fresh produce for residents but also create a sense of community pride and foster social interaction.

Finally, consider ways to make your city more accessible and inclusive for everyone. Organize an accessibility audit of public spaces in your neighbourhood. Identify areas that lack ramps, proper signage, or accessible restrooms. Lobbying for infrastructure improvements ensures everyone can enjoy the city’s public spaces with dignity and ease.

Random Acts Of kindness

Acts of Care 

This day is a powerful reminder that even the simplest acts of care can make a significant difference in someone’s life. It’s a chance to bring joy to others. Visit senior citizens, volunteer at an animal shelter, or uplift children in need. Organize activities, donate supplies, or simply offer companionship. Random acts of kindness throughout your day, like a smile or a helping hand, can also make a big difference.

By participating in “Acts of Care” on Mandela Day, you’re not just making a difference in the lives of individuals in need, but you’re also fostering a culture of empathy, compassion, and social responsibility within your community. Remember, even the smallest gestures can have a profound impact and create a lasting positive change.


Mandela Day is a powerful South African tradition that transcends individual acts of service. It’s a day dedicated to collective action, uniting the nation under the banner of Madiba’s legacy. By joining forces, we tackle social issues head-on, from nurturing young minds to cultivating food security and creating vibrant public spaces. Every volunteer, every donation, and every act of kindness contributes to a more just and equitable South Africa. This day reminds us that positive change starts with each individual, but the true magic lies in the collective spirit of service. So, this Mandela Day, let’s embrace the power of #ItIsInYourHands and work together to build a brighter future for all South Africans.

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