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Every online store needs one thing to keep it going: continuous, sustained growth. Beyond having a decent product, stellar branding, and great customer service, you want to see all that combine into solid growth.

Of course, in such a competitive landscape, this means you need to get creative if you want to beat the competition. With that in mind, read on for four creative growth strategies for ecommerce stores in 2020.

Embrace testimonials in creative ways via social

Social proof is a vital method of growing your online store. Genuine testimonials from genuine customers show people that you are a brand they can trust, your product is solid, and you deliver quality every time.

Testimonials can be easily sourced. Reach out to customers after a sale and request they submit a review in return for a freebie, for example, or speak to them at offline events and record their opinions of your brand or product on camera.

But once you’ve got these testimonials, it’s worth getting creative if you want them to have maximum impact. Cascade them across your website and social channels, naturally. But why not include product-specific video testimonials on your product pages?

You could even launch a UGC competition in which customers share a short review or video clip of your business on social. As well as giving you some great content to use across the rest of your strategy, you also get noticed by your entrants’ followers too. This increases visibility and exposure in a cost-effective way, vital for small online stores with tight marketing budgets.

Enhance your pop-up store with digital signage

Digital signage is an exciting and undeniably creative way to increase ecommerce by leveraging offline tactics. As the name suggests, digital signage consists of signs which show ads, videos, updates, and other messages via a digital screen.

Of course, most ecommerce businesses exist largely or entirely online, so how can they display digital signage? This is where offline events really come into play. Pop-up shops are a great way to reach new customers and increase sales quickly.

But digital signage can enhance your offline event in a creative, dynamic way. Beyond presenting special offers or product teasers, you can use it to tell your brand story or offer educational how-to guides. You could even have one showing your online store, to reinforce in your customers’ minds that they can still buy from you once the pop-up store is over.

Don’t neglect your existing customers for cost-effective growth

When you’re seeking growth, it’s easy to focus on sourcing new customers. More customers mean more sales, so it’s important to generate new leads wherever possible, right?

But the truth is, nurturing your existing customers is still an excellent way of increasing sales and growth in 2020. Indeed, because these leads are already in your database, it’s actually a lot more cost-effective too.

Nurture customer retention with email sequences, following up customers after a sale and offering them discount codes off their next purchase.

But beyond customer retention, look to customer loyalty too. Loyalty programs are a great way of encouraging customers to return. A simple email reminding someone how many loyalty points they have to use is enough to tempt any dithering customer back to your online store.

Create branded comparison guides to increase conversions

Comparison guides play an important role in the buyer’s process. During the research and consideration stages, customers often look to these to determine which product is right for them and their specific needs.

These guides play an important role in persuading customers to make a purchase. So in 2020, savvy ecommerce brands should own these guides, creating their own comparison content to help prospective customers make the right choice — that is, their own product.

Select a few products with similar competitors on the market and offer onsite comparison guides on product pages. Highlight your own product as the clear winner, offering easy-to-understand advice and clear visual cues to guide your customer to the right decision.

If you want solid growth in 2020, you need to stay ahead of the game and keep your strategy fresh. The tips above are just a few examples of solid growth strategies for ecommerce stores in 2020. Get creative and reach your customers in new and exciting ways this year and enjoy sustained growth time and again.

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